How do I work

At first we will have a personal conversation in which you are not allowed to give me any character information about you missing relative. The only thing I need to know is the name of the missing person, age en where he/she was last seen. This will give me a starting point from where I start to work. At first I give you a  character description of who he/she was so you will know I connect with the right person. You’ll also give/send me a recent photo of him/her.  It is up to me to give you information about the situation, not the other way around.

Sometimes it’s possible that I start with you energy as a starting point to get a good picture of who the missing relative was before he/she went missing. Then I start with soul reading to connect with the missing person. All the information I get, you will know too and if there are any good leads you or I can inform the local police to help them with their search.

My work is not only searching for answers and solve your case, but also to help you to find closure, comfort and peace during the process.  I will not stop helping you until your case is solved. I will help you find back the balance in your life.