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When the flow or energy stagnates, everything stops. Your company stops growing,  production stops growing, private matters don’t go as well as they should. A plant stops growing when you don’t water it on time and every once in a while you need to give it new soil otherwhise it wil die.  To give your company or business  a new boost of energy, movement arises which wil help you grow and expand your business again. And as you grow as a person, everything else wil grow with you. Your business, your staff workers, connections, network, etc. everything grows with you as you go with the flow. It is like a domino-effect.  We have succesfully helped many company’s all over the world only by giving them a clean boost of energy and breaking through the blocks that held back growth.

We can help you get back in the flow, by re-arranging the energy in your personal system and/or in your company or your private life, so you can grow and expant your world. If you are flowing, your staff wil flow, production wil flow, everything wil flow in a rush. This attracts more clients, money, expantion, connections, network, etc. Give your company a new boost of energy and start growing today.

starting fee in Europe € 550.00 per day.  € 2200.00 per 5 days, traveltickets and hotel not included.

Asia, Australia, USA, Africa starting fee € 2800.00 per 7 days, traveltickets and hotel not included.  If your company needs extra time € 550.00 per extra day.

spoken languige: Dutch, Englisch, German

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choise of reading are:

  1. I can do a photo reading by email in writing. includes 2 questions. € 25.-

4 questions € 55.-  and a whole completion is € 75,-  a whole completion means part soulreading, part astrology reading, and 4 questions.

i need a photo of you alone on it, date of birth, place of birth and if you know: time of birth.


  1. or, i can do a 20 minute online webcam skype or messenger session for € 25,-

or 45 minute online webcam skype or messenger session is € 55,-

or i can do 1 hour online webcam, skype or messenger is € 75,-

i do not have facetime!


the photo reading i can do anytime. the online session we need to look at the time difference of country’s because i live in the Netherlands. so let me know where in the world you live and i can check the difference to set you up for an appointment. for example you live in USA i need state and town to look at the time difference.

when you made your choise of reading you  click on booking. then you scroll all the way down and just click on the amount of choise. then you automaticly get to paypal or Ideal where you choose langhuige Englisch and the rest wil follow what you need to do.

hope to hear from you soon.