Astral operation / surgery


Energy reading is almost just like a soul reading.

the reading of the soul and the energy that is in and around the human body. Here I look at the energy level and at the aura and chakras whether these contain color, are open or closed and what the reason or cause is of any mental, phisical or emotional problem. Depending on the cause, I will see what there is to do to solve the problem.

sometimes the solution is to balance the energy pathways, the meridians or the chakras, as a result of which much has already changed and improved in the body. But in other cases it is necessary to use an astral operation to remedy or at least improve physical complaints.

Astral operation

I do this together with a team of spirits from the other world who once lived on earth. These can also be Angels and Guides who have not lived on earth. Because of the many results that we have achieved, I can say that this is a fantastic way of working in which body, mind and soul come to a partnership and in which the self-healing capacity is encouraged and partly helped to work. The moment an operation is performed, I see exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it, which I can then verbally pass on to the client so that they also know what has been done about it. I literally look at an operation that is performed on the astral body, which (if accepted by the client) is accepted by the physical body, which can lead to improvement and/ or to complete healing. If there is no improvement within a few days up to 2 weeks, the reason why the client did not want to or cannot accept the astral operation must be looked into. Sometimes an operation is carried out again after having looked at the cause of this and transformed so that the client gets a second chance to experience improvement.

Of course, not every treatment is the same and everyone will react differently, one better than the other and there will never be a guarantee that you will be completely cured from an illness, certainly not one at an advanced stage. just like regular operations, astral operations take healing time aswell.  To give you an idea of ​​how an astral operation works, read the following:

An astral operation looks like this to me:

practical example: A person comes to me with complaints and has had various operations. The person played tennis fanatically and the doctors told her after 4 surgeries that she would never play. The person was quite skeptical and didn’t really know what to expect. Now I can never say beforehand what I am going to do and what type of treatment I will apply, I only know that once someone is on the treatment couch and I first make contact with the person’s soul. At that moment my team came into action and then I was asked to lift the astral body of the client to a height where my team had complete space to see everything and to be able to access everything to operate. While watching the astral body up, I watch what they are doing so that I can tell the client so that they understand what is happening. Only when I get the signal that they are ready can I lower the astral body again and do I have to continue the treatment myself by balancing the energy, closing any holes in the aura and opening the chakras. Then I tell the client what exactly they have done and what the subsequent course will be like.

Since it is an astral operation, it sometimes takes a while before there is a clear improvement in the body. The astral body, as it were, passes on the renewal to the physical body and sometimes it is immediately accepted by the body and sometimes it takes longer. And for someone who has absolutely no affinity with this, it will physically refuse, so there will be no improvement whatsoever.

Fortunately for this person who did accept it, the result was so good that after six months the person again played fanatic tennis.

If you want to undergo energetic treatment or want to receive a reading or qualify for an astral operation, send an email to info@rids-balance.nl or call

0031- (0) 6-29073018

Energetic treatment and astral surgery is only possible on location or here in practice. it is not possible to do this online. Treatment from a distance is of course possible, but is less effective than directly aimed at the physical body.

if you realy need astral surgery /operation I will travel the world for you to come to your location or you can visit me in my office in the Netherlands ofcourse. if you come to the office treatment will be cheaper for you. If I prefere me to travel to your location hotel, flight, consultation and other costs will be on your account.