Welcome at Rids Balance


starting november the 2e 2016 you can get a online live video reading. People from all over the world can get a private online reading with me. This can be done in Englisch, Dutch and German. During these 45 minutes i will tell you what you need to know so you can heal, grow, be more happy, set your goals etc. I wil tell you the who, what and why en look at the flow of your energy. Most of you are not be able to come to my office so this is a great sollution and availeble for everybody who wants to know more about themselfs.

If you have a webcam and you want a private online reading with me go to booking and look for an availeble date and time. after you done that you recieve an email with payment details. after I recieve that you wil get a mail that confirms your appointment and we wil see each other live in the videochat.

hope to see you soon.