About us

For over 40 years I work with energy on a spiritual level. In that period of time I developed the soul reading. With Soul reading I can, see, feel and hear way further than normal psychic and medium. A psychic can see into the future, past and present. A medium can communicate with the dead. Aa a soulreader I can  do both, but it goes further: like seeing way back into past lives, see the patrons of present problems and even communicates with the soul/spirit of the living.  I can find out your karma and help you break through the old patrons so you can make a new start in your live.

Soul reading is also a perfect tool to connect with missing  persons. The soul/spirit is able to communicate with me to tell or show me where he/she is and what happened. This information is often very helpful for the relative and/or police.

Soul reading helps the relative to get answers and mostly (in time) they find some comfort, peace and closure. When a soul/spirit find it difficult to communicate I can step into their energy. This will makes things easier to see, feel and hear what they have to say.



groupreading is possible by inviting me to your home.

You have the choice to hire me for 1 or 2 hours to give you messages from your loved ones.